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Brand Consistency – Understanding the Essential Elements

A brand is a promise. It’s a promise that what your company says and does and looks like will be the same tomorrow as it is today. Consumers count on this consistency, and that leads to trust.
Brand consistency is one of the best ways to differentiate your company from competitors, promote quick recognition in the marketplace, and engage customers.

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When To Outsource Your Branded Merchandise Function

Is It Time To Outsource? Expanding your marketing efforts should not overwhelm your core mission. So sometimes it’s best to hire experts who can take ownership of these initiatives to help you.

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Increase Sales By Powering Up Your Point-of-Purchase Program

Nothing works harder to sell merchandise inside your franchise location than a well-positioned point-of-purchase program. Good point-of-purchase (POP) using the power of in-store offers can make the difference between a single purchase and a number of consistent multiple purchases.

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Understanding Logistics for your Branded Merchandise Program

If you’re starting or scaling a branded merchandise program, logistics will play a critical role. By logistics, we mean the receiving, storage, packaging, identification and shipping of your promotional materials domestic and international. Each detail along this chain requires impeccable attention to detail, human involvement, and smart, solid technology.

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